Handbook of Kingdom Proclamations Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  NATIONAL


  • Calling forth America’s Prophetic Destiny
  • Kingdom Faith Proclamation – Declaring the Dominion of His Throne
  • Prophesying over the 7 Mountains of Influence in our Culture
  • Declaration concerning the threat of Terrorism
  • Pre-emptive Declaration concerning the threat of Natural Disasters
  • Proclamation to secure Biblical Marriage
  • Decree over the spiritual Stronghold of Freemasonry
  • Decree of Healing and Restoration over the First Nations Peoples
  • Prayer to expose and end Human Trafficking
  • Shalom as a Weapon of Warfare
  • Declaring Shalom over Cities Experiencing Violence
  • Prayer for the United States in response to the Gettysburg Address
  • Our Prophetic Response to President Donald J. Trump’s 2017 Inaugural Address


  • Governmental Decrees to make on site
  • Isaiah 22:22 Declarations over Cities
  • Praying for the President: Wisdom, Protection, godly Character
  • Declaration over the Judicial System
  • Declaration over the Supreme Court
  • Declaring Light into the Darkness of the State Department
  • Proclamation over National Security
Chapter 3:  THE CHURCH
  • Prayer for the Church regarding Israel (One New Man)
  • Scriptural Declarations for Pastors
  • Prophetic Call for the rise of the Ekklesia in Unity and Holy Alignment
  • Putting on the “New Man”
  • Prayer for Repentance and Purity

Chapter 4:  ISRAEL


  • Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem
  • Praying for a Revelation of Messiah
  • Proclamation concerning the exaltation of homosexuality and “gay pride”
  • Purim Decree “For such a time as this”
  • Decree over unholy doctrines and men seeking to divide up Israel’s Covenant Land
  • Decree concerning the establishment of Israel in her Covenant Land

Chapter 5:  THE NATIONS


  • Declaring Shalom and Kingdom Government over the Middle East
  • Decree to counter false worship during Ramadan and to set the captives free
  • Prayer for Revelation for the Arab/Muslim peoples
  • Taking Authority against Terrorism
  • Praying Light into the Darkness over Terrorism
  • Mounting a Defense against Enemy Attack
  • Prophetic call to bring in the Harvest
  • Prophetic call for Peace

Chapter 6:  REVIVAL


  • Prayer of Confession and Cry for Revival – America Arise to your Destiny!
  • Proclamation of Repentance
  • Calling forth Revival in the State of Maryland
  • Spiritual Declarations to Cleanse the Land



  • Proclaiming Destiny over our Children
  • Prayer for Restoration of Families
  • Prayer for Salvation
  • Deliverance Proclamation over the Spirit Man
  • The Marriage Blessing
  • Daily Blessing Prayer
  • Proclamation of Faith for Safety and Protection (from Psalm 91)
  • Praying for our Schools and our Children

Chapter 8:  HEALING


  • Health from a Kingdom Perspective
  • Declaring Truth for Optimal Health
  • Declaration of Faith for Healing According to the Word of God
  • Response to the enemy’s decree of death
  • Life Decree over Cancer
  • Truth Prescription for Healing

Chapter 9:  COMMUNION


  • Introduction to Communion prayer
  • Personal Communion prayer
  • Celebrating Communion in Preparation for Warfare
  • Celebrating Communion to Heal and Cleanse the Land



  • Personal Life Declarations
  • Trusting God for Good in the Face of Adversity
  • Daily Confessions of an Overcomer
  • Praying the Power of the Resurrection
  • Declarations of Who I am in Christ
  • Declarations over my Mind
  • Personal Declaration of Faith and Dedication
  • Kingdom Identity Declarations
  • Offering Yourself as a Living Sacrifice
  • Life Declarations
  • Rejoicing in all I have in Christ
  • My Proclamation of Love to Him
  • My Ketubah
  • Oh, to Love Him more…
  • Praise the Lord!