My Sowing Testimony

I am a sower.  I love to sow seed into good soil – meaning seed that will bring forth a harvest for God’s Kingdom.  Back in 2003, when I began drafting the manuscript for my book, “Praying with Authority and Power,” someone gave me a $100 bill “for the publication of my book.”  While imagining how I would spend the generous gift, I heard very clearly, “Sowing brings the increase.”  So – I sowed that hundred into a youth ministry, claiming a “100-fold increase on my hundred!”  A year later when my book was ready for publication, I received a phone call from a gentleman I did not know who told me the Lord told him to give me $10,000 to publish my book.  There it was!  – my 100-fold increase – at just the right time!

I share this story because it is a glorious testimony of the faithfulness of God to His Word…. Indeed – Sowing DOES bring the increase!  My prayer is that you would see Kingdom Rising Ministries as good soil in which to sow – to the Glory of God and for the advancement of His Kingdom in the earth!

May many blessings abound to you as you sow – even a 100-fold increase!

With sincere gratefulness,