CD Teachings

Teachings available on CD: ($7.00 each - includes shipping)

  • “How to Have Mountain-Moving Faith” – Your path to overcoming
  • “Strategies of Governmental Intercession”How to take dominion through prayer
  • “The Calling of the Bridal Company”Worship Warfare and the call to Intimacy
  • “Victorious Living in Uncertain Times”Kingdom living in this world
  • “Who are the Palestinians?”Understanding how to pray for Israel and the Middle East
  • “Communion and the Power of the Blood”Understanding our greatest inheritance
  • “Isaiah 53: The Messiah” Understanding the fullness of the Atonement of Christ
  • “Kingdom Advancers” Understanding who we are in Christ and the call to spiritual warfare
  • “Positioned for Dominion and Destined for Greatness” – Understanding our identity in Christ
  • “Strategic Warfare Operations to Cleanse the Land” Praying to cleanse land from defilement
  • “Running with the Horses” A prophetic message for the End-times Church
  • “Our Highest Calling” – An end-times message for the Church
  • “It is Finished!” – Understanding Christ’s definitive work at Calvary
  • “Positioned for Dominion – Destined to Shine” – A call to the Church to Arise!
  • “The Spirit and Power of Elijah” – Empowering the Church at the end of the Age
  • “Walking as Children of Light” – Shining Christ’s light in a dark world
  • The Glory is Coming!” – Isaiah 60:1-5
  • The Lion of Judah wants to Roar through You!” – Christ in you, the hope of Glory