Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Call to Pray

           What is prayer? – Scriptural models – Knowing the will of God

Chapter 2: The Armor of God

           A closer look at Ephesians 6:10-18

Chapter 3: The Believer’s Standing in Christ: Taking Dominion

          The Kingdom of God – The Believer’s standing in Christ – Taking Dominion  – The Bride of Christ

Chapter 4: Prevailing in Prayer

          Preparing your heart – Conditions to answered prayer – More than answers – The activity of angels –  Creating an “altar”


Chapter 5: Prophetic Intercession

           What is “prophetic intercession”? – What does God say about His Word? – The power of the Word

Chapter 6: Making Decrees: Governmental Authority

           What is “governmental authority”? – Making decrees – The “Key of David” (Isaiah 22:22) – The “Esther Decree” (Esther 8:8)

Chapter 7: The Power of the Blood and Name of Jesus

           The Blood: The Most Powerful Weapon 
           The Name: The Greatest Authority

Chapter 8: Praying the News/Headlines

           God speaks through the news – Prayer prompts from the headlines – Seeing results from prayer

Chapter 9: Binding and Loosing

           The “Keys of the Kingdom” – A new perspective – The problem of strongholds – Using the “Keys” in prayer

Chapter 10: Prophetic Identification

           Scriptural models – Present day political and personal applications

Chapter 11: The Prayer of Agreement

           Old Testament insight:  Deuteronomy 32:30 and Leviticus 26:7-8 – Key of Grace – The “Prayer of  Agreement”:  Matthew 18:19

Chapter 12: The Power of Praise, Worship, and Communion

           “The battle is the Lord’s” – The power of praise – “Intercessory Worship” – Communion and the power of the Blood

Chapter 13: The Power of Fasting

           Why fast? – Reasons for fasting – Benefits of fasting – Perseverance in fasting

Chapter 14: The Power of Repentance and Travail

           The necessity and power of repentance – God’s mercy – The call to travail – The “Weeping Prophet” –  Revival Fire

Chapter 15: The Power of Praying in the Holy Spirit

          The “Promise of the Father” – Baptism for prayer power – Why tongues? Baptism for ministry gifts – Baptism to empower the Church today


Chapter 16: The Church

          Prayers and decrees concerning: Repentance and Revival – Purifying the Bride – Putting on the “New man” – An “unholy trinity” – Unity and alignment – Pastors and leaders – Israel and the Church

Chapter 17: The United States

          Our godly heritage – The call to repentance – Prayers and decrees concerning: Repentance and mercy for national sins – Revival – National leaders –                     Significance of Israel – The economy – The judicial system -National security – Terrorism – Family restoration – Youth

Chapter 18: Israel 

          Prayers and decrees concerning:  God’s covenant – The peace of Jerusalem – Terrorism – Israel’s prophetic destiny – An evil confederation – National                     restoration

Chapter 19: The Nations

          Prayers and decrees concerning: National leaders – Islam – Afghanistan (Muslim Stronghold) – Iraq (Biblical Babylon) – Sudan (Civil War) – Ireland (War within                     the Church) – The Harvest – World Peace



Chapter 20:  Building Faith

           What is faith? – Faith and heaven – How to strengthen faith – What does faith believe about God? – Declaring the Word

Chapter 21: Personal Prayers

          Praying the Psalms – Faith declarations from the Word of God – Binding and loosing – Secure in God’s love – Resisting the enemy – Understanding our covenant promises –           Health and healing –  Strengthening our armor

Chapter 22: Praying for Others

          Faith: springboard of prayer – Jesus’ model – The hardest mission field – The power of the blessing – Praying for children – Praying for unsaved loved ones – Praying for deliverance: over people and territory –  Cleansing the land

Epilogue: What Does the Future Hold?