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“Praying with Authority and Power”



Taking Dominion Through Scriptural Prayers and Prophetic Decrees –
by Barbara L. Potts


What Others are Saying About this Book

“Can’t put your book down and I am praying some of the prayers in back every day. — What riches!! Thank you taking the time to write this marvelous tool!” – Bettina from Florida

“I want to thank you so much for your input and the impact your book has made on me. It has helped me understand the basics on intercession and what that lifestyle truly involves. Thank you…” – Sarah from Australia

“What an anointing on your book! I have to take a minute to thank you for the blessing that your book has been to me. I have already begun to pray the prayers…. I will share your book with the intercessors and with others – It is an excellent spiritual resource to have.” – Donise from Maryland

“The books are PRICELESS to say the least… Oh, Barbara, you just don’t have any idea how much I’ll glean from all the information! The books will be read over and over throughout the years, and very cherished.” – Lynne from California

“Your book and Study Guide are powerful tools that help me to understand now to pray and how to receive.” – Priscilla from West Virginia

“I love the book!!!  I am getting so much from it.  I cannot begin to describe what a blessing it has been.” – Lauren from Virginia

“Then they were all amazed and spoke among themselves, saying, “What a word this is!  For with AUTHORITY AND POWER He commands the unclean spirits, and they come out.'” – Luke 4:36

This is the Word of Dominion – of Authority and Power – which we have been given by God to establish His Kingdom in the earth and to cast out the kingdom of darkness. For in spite of what the media would have us think, the world’s future is not in the hands of Islamic terrorists, the United Nations, America’s military might, or any other institution of men.  God has  a plan for world judgment and redemption that He will implement through the prayers of His people.

“Barbara’s book is both informative, inspiring, and instructional.  It is a valuable tool for the intercessors as they stand on the wall as watchmen in this hour to proclaim God’s Word and to cry out for God’s visitation here on earth.  It is a faith builder as it reveals the power of prayer and the key role that the intercessor plays.  It is comprehensive in its scope of prayer for our lives, the church,  America and the nations of the world.  Her years as an intercessor and teacher are reflected in this book as she pours out the Father’s heart for revival in the land.”

Dr. Sandy Grady
Member of USSPN (U.S. Strategic Prayer Network)  National Apostolic Council