Preparing the Way of the Lord
Kingdom Rising

Praying with Authority and Power
– by Barbara L. Potts

The Overcomers’ Handbook of Kingdom Proclamations
– by Barbara L. Potts [new book!]

“This book is both informative, inspiring, and instructional. It is a valuable tool for the intercessors as they stand on the wall as watchmen in this hour to proclaim God’s Word and to cry out for God’s visitation here on earth. It is a faith builder as it reveals the power of prayer and the key role that the intercessor plays. It is comprehensive in its scope of prayer for our lives, the church, America and the nations of the world. Her years as an intercessor and teacher are reflected in this book as she pours out the Father’s heart for revival in the land.” – Dr. Sandy Grady Member of USSPN (U.S. Strategic Prayer Network) National Apostolic Council

“Barbara Potts has done an extraordinary job of providing us with powerful, scriptural declarations.  Every believer, and especially every intercessor, needs this book as a prayer tool.” – Dr. Cindy Jacobs, Generals International


“Barbara Potts, a gifted teacher and author, draws on her depth in the Word of God to craft powerful proclamation prayers. As a Kingdom intercessor, she demonstrates the effectiveness of releasing the attributes and truths of heaven into the circumstances of earth through proclaiming the Word in prayer. As a co-laborer in ministry, I highly recommend Barbara’s insights and writings to someone seeking a depth of strategic intercession. As a friend, I know Barbara lives daily in the power of such prayer with loving grace that reflects her intimacy with the Lord.” – Nancy McDaniel, Aglow International Prayer Director